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SAEME will consider complaints about program quality, third-party comments, and information from public sources which, if substantiated would represent noncompliance with accreditation standards or unsatisfactory performance in one or more elements.

SAEME will not accept complaints concerning individual matters of admission, appointment, promotion or dismissal of faculty or students.

Complaints concerning each element of the standards of accreditation will be evaluated by SAEME.

The submission of the complaint should contain as much information as possible about the comment. SAEME will attempt to maintain the confidentiality of complaints and comments and all submitted documents. SAEME will not accept anonymous complaints.

Complaints concerning each element of the standards of accreditation will be evaluated by SAEME.

All complaints will be first analyzed by SAEME Secretariat.

Complaints made about an accredited medical school which may compromise the school’s accreditation status if the complaint is substantiated will be reported to the dean of medical school to give the opportunity to respond.

After this procedure, the Secretariat will decide either if the complaint is resolved and give a response to the individual who made the complaint or to send the results to the Accreditation Committee that will decide if a further action is needed.

All the information concerning the complaints will be kept for five years.

Either SAEME Secretariat or Accreditation Committee can decide that the complaint is outside SAEME’s remit and inform the author of the complaint or notify a third party, such as the Federal Council of Medicine or the Brazilian Association of Medical Education.

All complaints are considered in the evaluation of the medical schools. A record of the complaints is provided to the site visit team (survey team) with specific orientations for a careful evaluation during the visit.