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The visual identity of the Sistema de Acreditação de Escolas Médicas no Brasil – Saeme (Accreditation System for Medical Schools in Brazil) seeks to highlight its values, mission, and vision. The elements of the logo were developed from iconographic research to emphasize them, integrating them as an organic part of the ongoing initiative of the creation of this system of accreditation.

In the process, the technical team analyzed the visual identity of some of the largest accreditation systems in the world and decided to keep Saeme within the same guidelines. Therefore, the acronym was created using dense typology with the purpose of highlighting Saeme’s solidity.

Around the acronym, three circular forms were inserted, each representing the following elements: ethics, transparency, and independence. The arrow-shaped tips emphasize the perception of movement and the change in the quality of medical education. This ensemble was well represented by the colors of the national flag, demonstrating that Saeme is an initiative that serves the interests of Brazil.