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Accreditation is a voluntary process in which an educational institution or program is subject to extensive evaluation by experts who acknowledge whether this institution or course has its practices, services and resources in accordance with a set of previously determined quality guidelines. Accreditation process recognizes and validates good practices and ensures the quality of medical education that result in optimal patient care.

The accreditation process of the SAEME - Sistema de Acreditação de Escolas Médicas (Accreditation System of Medical Schools), is a joint initiative of the Associação Brasileira de Educação Médica – ABEM (Brazilian Association of Medical Education) and the Conselho Federal de Medicina – CFM (Federal Council of Medicine), organizes the evaluation of Brazilian medical schools. It is based on a set of five standards: Educational Governance, Educational Program, Academic Staff/Faculty, Students and Educational Resources. Each of these areas includes of a set of elements that refer to the quality of a medical program. The accrediting agency reviews and enhances annually its standards.

Standards for accreditation