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The participation in Saeme is voluntary, being fully funded by the Federal Council of Medicine. It starts by filling in a registration form at website

The registration is validated by the Accreditation Committee that analyzes the following eligibility criteria:

a. Being a Medical School recognized by Ministry of Education of Brazil.

b. To have at least one group of former students to apply for full accreditation.

c. To have opening authorization by Ministry of Education to apply for partial accreditation.

d. Absence of regulatory claims. After validating the registration, the medical school receives a login and access password to fill the self-study form, and instructional material to guide it in each stage of accreditation process.

According to International Guidelines of World Federation for Medical Education and World Health Organization, the accreditation procedure must be focused on a medical school self-study. Saeme, as other international procedures, has institutional self-study as starting point.

The self-study stage, with submission of evidences, followed by documentation analysis (self-study and evidences) and a three days visit to the medical school. After the visit, the survey team prepares its report, that is revised by the accreditation committee, which issues the final report with recommendations for the school to accomplish its best potential. The process finishes with the decision of accreditation committee about the course being or not accredited according to quality criteria stablished by Saeme.

The accreditation procedure of Saeme has four stages (Figure 1):

Registration process (3 days)

I. Filling the registration form on line and access the instructional material of Saeme.

II. Validation of the registration by Accreditation Committee.

III. Sending the login and access password to the Saeme Institutional self-study.

Self-study (60 days)

I. Self-study involving a broad reflection of medical school community.

II. Filling in Saeme Institutional Self-study and presentation of evidences that support the choice of concepts (both sufficient and insufficient) in the self-study.

Survey visit (60 days)

I. Definition of visit date. (2 days)

II. Definition and approval of the survey team. (15 days)

III. Analysis of self-study and the evidences submitted by the survey team. (30 days)

IV. Survey visit by the survey team. (3 days)

V. Preparation of the visit report. (10 days)

Issuance of final decision (57 days)

I. Revision of the visit report and final decision by Accreditation Committee. (30 days)

II. Request of appeal about the decision. (20 days)

III. Disclosure of final decision. (7 days)

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