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The accredited medical school must fill a report every two years concerning if major changes happened in each of the five standards of the accreditation (Educational Management, Educational Program, Academic Staff/Faculty, Students and Educational Resources) or if a substantial change is planned (curriculum reform) or if a substantial unplanned change occurred (problems with clinical settings). SAEME will decide if a new (focused) evaluation is needed.

This post-accreditation report of accredited medical schools will be evaluated by SAEME that can decide to order new information and/or documents from the medical school and decide to perform a new site visit that can result in maintain or withdraw the accreditation.

SAEME requires prior notification of changes that affect the medical education program. All notifications of anticipated changes must be submitted in time for SAEME to review the information prior to the implementation of the change.

Prior notification to SAEME is required when an accredited program plans to modify the educational program, becomes aware that the resources supporting it may change, or wishes to increase student enrollment, such that the balance between enrollment and resources would be substantially altered.

SAEME must be notified of plans for a major reorganization of one or more years of the curriculum or the medical education program as a whole that will require additional resources or existing resources to be used in new ways. SAEME will determine if changes in the program’s accreditation status or term is necessary, or if any follow-up is needed.

The accreditation decision is granted for five years. At the end of the accreditation period, the accredited medical school must re-start the entire process of accreditation, submitting a complete application, and there will be a new site visit for a new period of accreditation.

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